Teverse - VSCode Integration

Teverse x VSCode

Many developers on Teverse use Visual Studio Code as their primary IDE. The reason for this is that VSCode has many useful integrations and features that enhance coding.

If Teverse were to have some kind of integration that allows directly porting code from Visual Studio to the Teverse Workshop, it would enhance the Teverse development experience in a major way.

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We’re looking at ways to integrate VSCode compatibility through the idealism / portability of a VSCode extension. Ultimately, the idea is to create a suite of tools that allows you to actively develop through tools like git (local machine file system). This “test” suite would allow you to build (also “compile”) your local file system into a place file that can be executed as a Teverse game. However, this would be at a dev-branch capacity where we’d provide extra metrics and tools used to test the game. More-or-less hosted on your local machine (localhost) and not in a production server.

To me, I feel like this would provide a more robust way to test and isolate possible issues in the most elegant way possible without intruding the developer’s workflow.

Thanks for submitting a feature request.
cc: @sasial (started on the original vsc extension)

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It’s still a work in progress, but it is on the way.
It has:

  • Autocomplete from the latest api dump
  • Syntax Highlighting

And it’ll be published like any other VSC extension