Teverse stuck on a infinite update loop

  • Version of Teverse that the bug started to become noticeable or Date (if website bug)
    Updated normally until Beta 0.19.0.

  • Operating System Name & Version (i.e MacOS Catalina 10.15.1) or Browser (if website bug)
    Windows 10 Pro edition

  • Detailed Description

  • At first, it was going through some update cycle until 0.19.0 was reached. At that point, it was repeatedly updating and finishing at different rates. At which point it finishes, it closes and reopens, stating that the client isn’t authenticated. Which then it closes itself and then changes to my username – indicating it did authenticate.

  • Issues that are caused by the bug (development setbacks, workflow disruption, etc)
    I cannot use the client to do anything.

  • Steps that you’ve tried before submitting a bug request

  • I heed the advice found on this form (Unable to Install/Launch Teverse) and added an exception to Teverse.

  • I gave the client administrative approval.

  • Reinstalled the client and started it with administrative approval.

  • Steps to reproduce (clear, concise)
    Open a fresh install of Teverse’s client. Wait.

  • A video or image of the bug

  • Log files, dump files, etc

Creating Lua States
Loading Teverse Lua
Teverse is here -> running Beta 0.19.0
Windows x64 - LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3
Cookie found
Reloading Fonts
Reloaded Fonts
Reloading Fonts
Reloaded Fonts

We’ve fixed this, sorry about that!

Not to worry! It is in beta for a reason :grin:

It still update loops.

You’re describing a new unrelated issue which should of been fixed this morning.

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