Teverse Client closes during bumper

  • Version of Teverse that the bug started to become noticeable or Date (if website bug)

  • Operating System Name & Version (i.e MacOS Catalina 10.15.1) or Browser (if website bug)
    Windows 10 with all updates as of 2020-03-20

  • Detailed Description
    Teverse client closes suddenly while on bumper, sometimes closing when the main menu screen has appeared.

  • Issues that are caused by the bug (development setbacks, workflow disruption, etc)
    Complete unusability of Teverse Client

  • Steps that you’ve tried before submitting a bug request
    Opening App multiple times

  • Steps to reproduce (clear, concise)

  1. Open Teverse
  2. Log in
  • A video or image of the bug

  • Log files, dump files, etc
    Creating Lua States
    Loading Teverse Lua
    Teverse is here -> running Beta 0.19.0
    Windows x64 - LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3
    Cookie found
    Reloading Fonts
    Reloaded Fonts
    Run LAUNCH
    start screen
    Reloading Fonts
    Reloaded Fonts
    Downloading tevgit:tevEd/main.lua

Hey Otemachi,

Can you verify that your operating system and drivers are updated to the most recent versions? (This may have nothing to due with the issue but, important nonetheless)

This seems to be wrong. I wasn’t able to locate the version the video and Teverse’s current version is 0.19.0. Previous versions would’ve been 0.18.x, 0.17.x and 0.19.x. Judging by the logs you’ve posted,

This would be your current version. Version 0.19.0.

Regardless, if you don’t know what version the application is beforehand, the log file will always tell you in this format. Versions are incredibly important as it’s used to determine possible outliers and issues that could’ve happened that may not have been possible in previous iterations.

Is the app data changed in any way?
Can you do Windows - R, and then type in %localappdata%/teverse/create.lua
And then show me what comes up?