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I am interested in purchasing the the Subscription, however that is not possible since I do not own a Credit or Debit Card. Additionally, most Bank Plans don’t have free debit cards and they can be a little pricy. Additonally, most stores here in Germany do not accept Credit Cards so we mainly use either cash or bank transfers.
I’d love to see PayPal as a payment option, since it would allow me to pay through a bank account (using SEPA). paysafeCard would be possible too.
While in some Countries, Credit Cards may be essential and everyone may have one, this is not the case for all countries. Countries like Germany or Japan still heavily rely on Cash and Bank Transfers and many people don’t have a Credit Card. Not letting those people pay you seems kind of stupid to me.

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Credit and Debit cards are the most common method, however a PayPal method would be good for those that use it, it should not be high on priority though as its not really all that important.

They may be the most common method in some countries, but definitely at all. Additionally, there are some countries which do have Debit Cards, but you can’t use them for online purchases at all.

Thank you for the feedback regarding payment options. While our subscription service is still experimental, our goal is still to keep a strong pulse on community needs. We will look into how we can better accommodate our members. We do want our end products to be globally accessible, so providing more options for payment may yield the results we are looking for.

I do want to advise you that, while it is on our mind, we may not immediately implement changes to the subscription platform in the near future. This is simply because we have some more pressing updates to our core service (the platform / application) that we believe are urgent. Nonetheless, we are grateful to have your feedback.

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