Sidecar Support for Workshop on Macs running Catalina

Sidecar support would make developers more productive while in the workshop

What is sidecar? Sidecar is a new feature introduced in macOS Catalina, the newest version. It allows an iPad running iPadOS 13 and above to be used as a secondary display. I think this would greatly benefit Teverse, as it would increase the productivity of developers, because they would not have to constantly switch windows, because the controls for workshop would be on their secondary display (the iPad)

Here is a diagram I made demonstrating this feature:

If this is implemented as support for a native Mac Feature, it should also be implemented directly into the Teverse App as a Feature to link the Android (or maybe even iOS) App of Teverse to be able to link with a Windows/Linux Client of Teverse, and then use this specific Sidecar Feature if using both Apple Devices.
Just making this available to one brand (especially the most expensive and least used OS/Brand)
(Also why the heck is this in Website Features? lmao)

I like the idea! I don’t know how many people use macOS or Sidecar, but nonetheless, this is a fantastic idea. My only drawback to this is the layout you suggested. The reason I have some hesitation on the layout is practicality and the usability.

For example, I could see Sidecar being used as a camera manipulation and movement tool. I would like to see more of the touch components of an iPad integrated into how we use Sidecar, but this is nonetheless an important thing to recognize and consider.

I use sidecar however this is essentially just a second screen for a Mac.

This idea should be generalised into “multiple window support”, which could be applied to multiple platforms.

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I wonder how intuitive it would be if we used the bigger screen (or a screen that the developer chooses) to be the “play/test” screen while the smaller screen could be the developer output, metrics, etc.

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I was just thinking that - you don’t need a big screen to read outputs, and a touch screen device would allow for a tabbed view and quick access to start/stop/debug features.

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And maybe on top of this, you don’t need sidecar, you can just use the app for it?
As it’ll work on phone too.

There could also be support for touchscreens if a device had one?

Teverse has been rigorously tested on iOS over the past 2 weeks, so we already support touch devices.

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Are Teverse for iOS and for Computers the same Application which just kinda changes across devices then or are they completely seperate software?

By touch screens, I mean all-in-one Windows PCs that have touch screens.

Sorry for any confusion.

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