Rename and Edit Assets

Currently, when you upload an image file, the name of the file becomes the name of the image. I suggest adding an option to edit uploaded assets. On the edit page, you should be able to rename the asset and change the asset file (in this case an image.)

Maybe while I’m at it, an option to delete assets would be nice too.

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This is a very trivial feature, and I really think that this is already planned, if not, they definetly missed a very important feature right there.

I 100% agree with this. Some people like me are always on mobile when not developing and it’s kind of hard to not get annoyed when all your files are named something like 14738382-jsu-89201.png or whatever.


Crugg- I absolutely agree that renaming files is quintessential to our platform’s innovation. While it may seem trivial, part of what we need to do is filter appropriate content. For example, we cannot allow derogatory or inappropriately named assets on the site, even as a joke or “meme.” I am sure we will implement a system to prevent such issues from arising, but know this is one of the reasons we don’t have asset renaming yet. (However, I do see that people can also… inappropriately name their files before uploading.)

I believe asset renaming and deletion are two key features we should implement, but I don’t know for sure how “trivial” these are, as we would need to implement ripple effects. For example, we need a few different features:

Key Features for Asset Renaming / Deletion
  • Filter for inappropriate strings -> automated discipline system?
  • Detection of duplicate strings for file names -> global detection or local detection?
  • For deletion: does it delete from the uploading user’s library and still exist in levels where it was used? or is it deleted in all instances? How to manage the latter?

Are those filenames shown to any other users? Because if not, why would you need to filter them. If yes, why and where?

As I said in my initial response, allowing derogatory or inappropriate words or phrases used as file names is just not a good practice as a solution provider and platform. In fact, allowing it allows for a toxic part of our community to exist, which is something we also don’t want. This platform serves to be a positive atmosphere for indie developers, not a place for cursing, swearing, and using slurs. Here’s the best example: would you call your eldest family member those words? If not, they are not welcome here. Whether or not it is public-facing, a file name should still follow our community guidelines and general societal practices.