Organisations should be more like Discord servers

The title pretty much sums up the idea considering most of us use Discord and know how it works but let’s go through the basics, shall we? Alright so, owners of organisations would be able to create categories, specific channels for group chats, give roles to users and even upload emojis to be used for chatting. Another thing, users would be able to mention anyone in the group by simply typing “@“ with a person’s username, whoever they are. Lastly, voice chat could also be a thing. Of course, that would come with it’s positives and negatives. So I’m not too sure if that would be added or not with everything else I mentioned above but it’s definitely worth a shot. Personally, I feel like having organizations like this instead of the usual dated type of group format that Roblox and other sandbox sites use would make for a very nice change.

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That would be great, but instead of bothering to make our own, just intergrate discord in deeply.
You already connect it when creating an account.

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I certainly think it would be pretty amazing to have all of those functionalities on Teverse organisations, I know for now all of that is out of their current scope (as they are trying to get out of beta with a stable product).

As @sasial said, you can just use a discord server separately and that users do link their discord and Teverse account - someone will make a cool plugin for discord and Teverse integration.

But of course Teverse is open to suggestions and they will discuss it as time goes on - and it may be something they look at implementing.

In reality, you can embed discord straight into Teverse.
Giving organisations the ability to set their own guild, a “Chat” takes the user to the guild, and in the future if we get popular enough, just like a Spotify Listening Party, it could be Join @sasial on x game in Teverse.

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