Organisation Discovery

Organisation Discovery

Organisations can be found listed on the specified page on the website. Once developers start earnings tevs and there are many organisations, it will be hard to go through the list and find a specific organisation.

If a user is trying to invite someone to their organisation, they have to provide a link that is decently long due to it being the id of the organisation. Organisations would benefit in a huge way if you can find one by doing

Additionally, users should have the ability to search using keywords and filter the results by members, recents, etc.

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I have to agree that our interface for organisations is not the prettiest nor best. We have some work to do to improve this, and I assure you that the URL is one of the areas we will target. Thank you for the feedback.

To your end, I believe searching should be an included feature as well. Search by user, keyword, or member size, as well as any other filter (i.e. new, start date, etc.).

Updated the topic, thanks for the feedback!

Building off of what @Superioran stated and what you have stated in your post,

This is true. Perhaps, we could look into allowing group invites (if you click the invite, it redirects to the group page) or for official groups (those with a unique name & brand) to self identify and maintain a “verified” state.

Personally, I see organisations as an entity representing a collection of people that houses a community. Developers need a community in order to gain and maintain traction to their games. This is a fundamental component to game feasibility. We’ll definitely look into different ways we can leverage more controls to developers without restricting your community.

A feasible solution would be to shorten the URL to something like this or .

Thanks for the feature request.

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Sanjay - excellent addition. I think part of it is that we do not have a shape of what an organisation looks like, and due to this, we don’t have an optimal plan in place to mitigate such issues as “long URLs” and “pleasing appearance”. Let’s sync up about how we can mold organisations into something more conducive to an ever-growing collection of communities.

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Why not just or if you’re planning to use for something else?

We can’t use that url too much. SEO, SEO, SEO!

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