Opinions on TevInvest - Investment bank/organisation

Hey, I’m hdxure (Ethan).

I had an idea and was wondering what your opinion on this would be?
The name is TevInvest and it’s pretty much where people will invest their Tevs (for an agreed amount of time - like a term deposit) and in return they will be given an agreed amount of interest on top of their invested Tevs.

Other users of Teverse can approach us for a sponsorship/investment or loan in their game/player and in return we get a percentage of what is made through the game (to gain back what we invested plus some extra).

This will work so all users on Teverse will have an advantage - people can invest their Tevs in us for us to reinvest while having security that their Tevs will be returned to them with a guaranteed profit.

An example of this:
Player A invests 5,000 Tevs in TevInvest for a term of 6 months and an interest rate of 10%. This means that Player A will recieve a total of 5,500 Tevs at the end of the 6 months.
Player B approaches TevInvest with a proposal on a game or a finished game that requires funding, which we will negotiate a price (lets say 3,000 Tevs). Player B will receive the Tevs and in return pay us 15% of the games proceeds/revenue.
Player C approaches TevInvest wanting a loan of 1,000 Tevs over a 3 month period on a 20% interest rate. At the end of this 3 month period, Player C will pay back a total of 1,200 Tevs.

Thanks for reading.
Any questions or advice please pop them below.

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This is a good idea!
I’ll make sure this is discussed between staff members.


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Thank you for that :slight_smile:


This is an amazing idea and I would support it. I am planning on starting a company called TevNet and I would likely support TevInvest as well as use it. You’d have to be careful with the loans and have them sign a contract and also do Background Checks on all the users on sites related to Teverse.

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nThank you @ZaydanDev, I saw your post about TevNet, and I do support it as well.

As for the loans, that was one of my biggest concerns as well and I have thought about it a little bit - definitely the first thing will get them to sign a contract that Teverse can enforce. But also, get them to screenshot their Tevs in and out so I can see where they’re getting Tevs from and how much, and what they’re spending (but again a problem with this is inspect element) so I would need to find a way for this work.

And yes, I do certainly think that TevNet may be able to help in ways and I would be more than happy to use your services as well.

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Possibly you could require that the user has used another one of TevInvest’s Services recently (<2 Months Ago) and then you could have yourself or a TevInvest staff member check that user’s TevInvest Logs/Files and see what they have used TevInvest for. Then you would see their previous games and organizations and see how well those have done. If they pass those parts you could then have them sign a contract and send the files immediately to Teverse in case the person ends up scamming. You could require them to give a game or organization or something of value to TevInvest that you’ll return after they fully pay TevInvest back.

My idea isn’t the best I can tell, but I hope it can help.

Hey Hdxure,

I came across this post and wanted to shed light on a few points here. Hopefully, this will provide more transparency as to how we feel about this idea.

This itself is not a bad idea. It follows the same structure that all companies go through during their startup phase in the real world.

Teverse wouldn’t enforce a third-party contract. There’s too much liability all of which do not benefit the majority of users on the platform but, instead is one entity. In essence, contracts are binding agreements that have an age requirement before being considered as “binding”. Since there’s no probable way for us [Teverse] or you [users] to verify age with absolute certainty without leaking personal information, you’d be making empty agreements that don’t provide value.

There’s no such thing as guaranteed profit. Especially when it’s game development and the uncertainty that follows. For investments to be “insured”, Teverse would have to interfere and there’s a chance it’ll ruin the economy or create a monopoly on your service. All of which don’t align with our mission relating to “Developer Freedom”.

In my sole opinion (not Teverse), I believe that this system would work best if it was regulated by Teverse and only Teverse as a way to promote game development on our platform and to promote the creation of development teams/studios. To have this as a public system where a third-party regulates the transfer of currency seems far-fetched and idiomatic to say the least. Especially from a community standpoint.

Hope this provides more clarity. Wonderful suggestion.

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