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Hello! (This Is The First Time I Said Hello Instead Of Ello In Weeks) I am ZaydanDev and I’m a programmer/entrepreneur. I am creating TevNet which is a going to be a organization on Teverse that provides “User Security & Verification”. I want you to reply with your opinions to this post.

What Exactly Is “User Security”?
For User Security We Aim To Help Prevent People From Getting Scammed & From Losing Their Account. We Are Still Working On How To Accomplish This Besides Sharing Tips. We Will Use The Teverse API To Attempt To Create An Account Integration.

What Is User Verification?
On Platforms Such As Discord We Plan On Making A Verification Chat Bot That Teverse Related Server Owners Can Download To Verify That A Member Is A Teverse User And To Find Out Their Username.

Do You Have A Logo?
In Fact We Do Have A Logo And Here It Is:

Define Everything Your Service Does
“Teverse User Security & Verification”

TevNet Helps Users Stay Safe From Scams And Verifies Them In Teverse-Related Servers. We Also Help Teverse Entrepreneurs Keep Away Potentially Dangerous Users That Have Multiple Bans In Large Servers.


I admire your passion and interest in keeping our community safe. With some of the ground work Jay has done already, this platform will be incredibly secure. I would keep your eyes on the Discord server and #announcements:release-notes for when authentication is incorporated. Further, I recommend being a part of our community to re-shape how you can be a “minister to the people” and provide your claimed aid. I value people like you who chase dreams to benefit others, you have heart and you have passion.

While we don’t have the final details of how organisations, “bots” or other items correlate and relate to one another, know that this is at the forefront of our thinking. Thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and positive energy to the community. Best of luck in developing with us.

Ryan aka Super


Thank you for your opinion. I am glad that you support this idea. I will make sure to keep an eye on the announcements. I did realize when reading your post that I actually have no idea how Organizations will work and this idea might not even be possible.

Hi there Zaydan, if your intention is to create a Teverse verification bot, that sounds good!
However, please do be aware that it is our intention to provide an official “Teverse” discord bot/integration.


Thank you, Neztore for your opinion. I do understand that Teverse will most likely have an official bot and integration. My goal is to provide more features such as a User Behavior System that works like this:

User A Joins Server A
User A Causes Drama
User A Gets Banned From Server A

Server B Owner Sets Up TevNet & Uses User Behavior
User A Attempts To Join Server B But Isn’t Allowed Because They Have A Bad User Behavior History.

User Behavior Will Require More Then 1 Server Ban And The Server Will Have To Be Verified By TevNet In Order For Banned Users To Receive A Bad User Behavior Rating. We Will Only Recommend Servers That Have Strict Rules To User User Behavior.

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This is an interesting idea but you should probably make it clear that this is not an official Teverse service. Also, still don’t fully understand what you are attempting to accomplish.

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I’ll make sure to add a credits channel and a credits command on the bot that says that it is not a official Teverse service. I’m trying to create something like BloxLink on Roblox or RoVer except I want TevNet to be 10 times more secure and have 10 times more features. For verification it’s kind of simple, I just want to create a system where people can connect their Teverse account to Discord even though Teverse will have that if not already has that. The reason I’m making another verification bot is so Teverse-Related Discord Server Owners have a second option. I will also use the TevNet Verification to accomplish things like User Behavior because in the future I would want User Behavior to also work in games with chat systems.

TevNet Explanation
I have realized that for some people it’s harder to understand what I am trying to do with TevNet so here is an explanation.

User Verification
I plan on User Verification to connect Teverse User Accounts to Discord Accounts through a Discord Bot. Teverse will most likely have something similar for Teverse-Related Discord Servers, but I plan to make a improved system that is faster and has more features such as the ability to hide your Teverse Account from everyone except Server Owners or Administrators. I plan on the features to be based on the user’s privacy although I also want to create the system in a way that wouldn’t allow Teverse Users who hide their identity for “their own privacy” to create drama and commit fraud.

User Behavior
User Behavior is pretty simple, but here is a quick idea on how it works

Server A sets up TevNet and applies for User Behavior.
Server A is approved.

User 1 joins Server A
User 1 creates drama in Server A
User 1 is banned from Server A

Server B is setup and uses TevNet and doesn’t allow Teverse users with bans on the TevNet System to join. (You don’t have to apply if you aren’t going to issue bans on the system. You can use User Behavior without applying if you only want to block users with bans)

User 1 joins Server B
User 1 is kicked within seconds by the TevNet Bot
TevNet Bot records everything automatically in the TevNet Database in case User 1 wants to appeal or Server B wants to know what User 1 did in previous servers.

User Security
For User Security at first we’ll just share security tips and if the Teverse API allows us we will ask the users that participate in TevNet User Security if they want to integrate TevNet Secure into their account and give it the ability to change passwords. Then after the account is verified through TevNet and connected the user has the ability to have a 2nd password stored with TevNet which can be used if the user is locked out of their account. If the user is locked out they will enter the 2nd password they created with TevNet. If the password is correct then we will change the account password to something like Secure_3839_3882 and then tell them to enter that password to enter their account again.

Most users would not trust an external application with their login information. The official Teverse bot may have functionalities that do this without asking for your password. Teverse would ask users to refrain from using a service that requests your teverse login.

It does make sense that they may not trust organizations other then Teverse, but some people will. After we are big enough there is a chance Teverse will endorse TevNet which would support the idea that TevNet is safe and doesn’t steal. In my opinion it all depends on the reputation of the people that work with TevNet. If TevNet is used by a popular Teverse game that millions of people like then those millions of people will likely trust TevNet.

Hey Zaydan,

After reading your post, I wanted to make a few points clear.

We would not endorse a project that has the potential to leak user information at a grand scale. It wouldn’t be realistic nor optimal for our users.

It may be worth noting that Teverse provides Discord Account syncing on the site and there’s a possibility that we’d provide an endpoint to allow developers to verify users on their discord servers.

I don’t think that users would trust a third party handling sensitive info nor would we allow it. There’s too much risk involved with very few pros (if any).

We may have to change the security system. The current one is not official, but is a basic idea of what we are aiming for. Even if Teverse doesn’t endorse it, there is a possibility of a game endorsing it. The security system will be automated and we will have a 128 bit security system to keep users from attacking the TevNet website.

I think this would be a good idea. Since, for my game, I want to make it so you have to make an account to unlock certain features, could that possibly be a feature, to be able to link external accounts to a Teverse account through TevNet?

Any third party whose goal is to collect personal information from our users will be not allowed in any form on Teverse.

Hey Jay,

When you say whose goal is to collect personal information - does that mean we can or can not have a website that asks people to sync their username with the website (obviously, there will be a warning saying not to use their Teverse password)?


@hdxure A username isn’t really personal. This user was suggesting that his service would be collecting passwords.

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Alright, that make’s sense and is understandable. I did realize that there is a high-chance that this wouldn’t be allowed and the chance of it being trusted is rare. I still have multiple ways to help users secure their accounts from password tips and possibly a way to download game progress with games partnered with TevNet and the ability to transfer that progress to a new account.

That could be possible through TevNet and I’m actually planning on that being one of the first things I release.

User syncs Teverse Account To TevNet
User Syncs Google/Apple/Social Media Account To TevNet

Game Developer Uses TevNet
Game Developer Enables Account Syncing In Teverse Settings
Game Developer Uses A Script To Find Teverse User’s TevNet Account And To Find Accounts Synced With TevNet Account.

This is an example of collecting personal information, I’d be wary of this. For example, in doing this, you now have sole access to everyone’s personal Google / Apple / Social Media connections and can exploit this freely. On the internet, no one can be too sure what any given person’s intentions are. I simply cannot sit idly by and let someone collect this sort of information from people. I’m sorry, but I cannot support this on our platform.

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That does make sense, but the linking system is pretty much just a way that you can show people your Social Media account through your Teverse account like if you enabled it through the TevNet Discord Bot then people could say “!sociallinks [@/User]”. We will have Privacy Policies and not use that data at all except for the !sociallinks bot command and possibly if a game wanted to know your Social Media account it could use a TevNet prompt to ask the person if they want to share it with the game.