New workshop icons

New Workshop Icons

Hey tevelopers! What do you think of using these icons to replace the current ones? They are completely original and Teverse would have full copyright ownership.


I personally like them a lot. These icons should to be added in my opinion.

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For those who may not have seen the inside icons, can we have a comparison of proposed versus new? @one Thank you for doing the work in finding new icons and bringing them to the community!

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Old: image
New: Screen_Shot_2019-05-11_at_7.45.48_PM


These icons are quite nice.

However, I think it best if we followed a more minimal, less polymeric (low poly) approach.

Here’s my favorite Workshop icon to date:

The folder icon. It’s simplistic. It’s filled. Most importantly, it looks great without being too tacky. I feel that something that follows this ought to look nice. Icons are not the main focus here, the viewport is. However, we must keep things simple & universally known.


I like them a lot! You should 100% keep these and use these in the future!

The icons do look good, and they should fit well into the workshop, would it be possible for you to edit a screenshot of the workshop to include the icons so we can get a better idea?

@PeterCrawley Here are the comparisons.

I’m pretty sure he meant that he wanted an image of workshop that has the new icons

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