Most advanced tevapp

I made a 3d first person view thing… play plz

Did not really know what else to put lol, im working on a multiplayer version though.


For those wondering: Build 251 will need to be required for macOS users who want to experiment with the game, this is due to an update to the 3D viewing. Peter did an excellent job in this game. I look forward to how he innovates this further and takes it to the next level.

Thanks for sharing Peter!

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This is epic! As is, it looks really good for a prototype. I’m looking forward to the neo-Club Penguins!


Consider using the tween server for smoother movements. If you aren’t using it.

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Tween is not being used yet, may add it later on in one of the multiplayer tests.

Alright, good luck in your coding adventures!

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