More UI shapes + styles

I’d like to see a more powerful UI system in Teverse. Basic shapes such as Triangles and Circles should be added as these can be used to create many other shapes! I’d also like to see some sort of property on guiFrame where we can “round” the edges. I’d also like the feature of gradient colours. Also, I’d like to see a special type of frame where you can create custom shapes, curves, etc - like the Pen Tool in Adobe XD.

Hi. I spent some time last year rewriting the way our engine handles GUIs, and internally we have the power to render circles, triangles, Bézier curves and custom polygons. However, I just haven’t gotten around to adding these to our developer facing APIs.

Rounded corners is already possible using the borderRadius property. We use this property across our interface.

Gradients are also already available:
We use this for our colour pickers.