How to submit a Feature Request

Feature requests are essential to providing features that you (developer or player) want.

This post will walk you through how to create a feature request and the steps directly after submission.

Please note that not all feature requests will be accepted before posting.

In order to help staff members understand the request you’re making, please follow the format below:

  • Descriptive Title (a title that explains the feature in simple terms; no full sentences)

  • Detailed Description (a clear, concise paragraph on why this feature or features would benefit the platform)

  • A video or image(s) of the feature in action or displayed (optional)

Once you’ve listed down the required information, your post is sent to post-approval / review. This is where we review and validate any information that you might have missed. Traditionally, there are a multitude of cases that could happen. Here are the most basic ones:

  1. If your post meets the criteria and is not a duplicate, it will be pushed to the main topic and made public to Teverse staff.

  2. If your post meets the criteria but is a duplicate (duplicate post must be less than a year old), your post will be denied on its own. The next step would be to reply to the duplicate post.

  3. If another post that matches your post has been solved (identified and fixed by Teverse Staff), your post will be denied and you’ll be referred to the post that has been marked as solved.

If your post is denied, do not create another post and send it for review. It will be denied and possibly lock your ability to send feature requests in the near future.

Best Wishes,
Teverse Staff

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