How to submit a Bug Report

Bug reports are essential in order to keep Teverse running smoothly.

This post will walk you through on how to create a proper bug report and the procedure that all must go through.

First and foremost, when creating a bug report make sure that you’ve exhausted basic troubleshooting protocol. If you’re curious as to what troubleshooting protocol entails here’s a basic rundown:

  1. Are you connected to the internet?

  2. Is the application blocked by your anti-virus?

  3. Are any applications preventing Teverse from running?

  4. Do you have the latest version of your operating system?

  5. Are you positive that this is a bug and not your own code?

If the above does not apply to you, then congratulations you’ve found a bug.

In order to help staff members both obtain more context and identify possible solutions, we ask that you follow the format below:

  • Descriptive Title (a title that explains the bug in simple terms; no full sentences)

  • Version of Teverse that the bug started to become noticeable or Date (if website bug)

  • Operating System Name & Version (i.e MacOS Catalina 10.15.1) or Browser (if website bug)

  • Detailed Description

  • Issues that are caused by the bug (development setbacks, workflow disruption, etc)

  • Steps that you’ve tried before submitting a bug request

  • Steps to reproduce (clear, concise)

  • A video or image of the bug

  • Log files, dump files, etc

Once you’ve listed down the required information, your post is sent to post-approval / review. This is where we review and validate any information that you might have missed. Traditionally, there are a multitude of cases that could happen. Here are the most basic ones:

  1. If your post meets the criteria and is not a duplicate, it will be pushed to the main topic and made public to Teverse staff.

  2. If your post meets the criteria but is a duplicate (duplicate post must be less than a year old), your post will be denied on its own. The next step would be to reply to the duplicate post.

  3. If another post that matches your post has been solved (identified and fixed by Teverse Staff), your post will be denied and you’ll be referred to the post that has been marked as solved.

If your post is denied, do not create another post and send it for review. It will be denied and possibly lock your ability to send bug reports.

Happy Hunting,
Teverse Staff