Here’s my suggestion for organisations

So I was thinking the dev team should assign organisations a unique number or tag and allow people to create any group with any name regardless of whether or not it already exists. This will prevent group spam with weird characters that will make the site look unprofessional. I hate how ROBLOX has ten thousand some Clone groups (Clone Army of the Republic, Clone_Army_of_the_Republic, etc.). People will circumnavigate it anyways. There could also be a verification process involved where only one group of a specific name can get it, as long as they are active and so on. Thoughts?

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:wave: Hi Jason, thank you for the brilliant suggestion and for your honest feedback. I wanted to ensure we are on the same page when we discuss what your idea is, so here’s a snippet I took that I believe best represents your idea.

In short, you would like organisations to be given an ID and not be recognized by their name on the site. By this, I mean that

  • “Clone of the Attack Chopper” [ID: 20291]
  • “Clone of the Attack Chopper” [ID: 46195]

can both exist, and let this acceptable in our system.

While I can see the value in having such a system in place and allowing for both groups to exist, I can also see the issue with group recruitment. For example, if I say to someone “Just search Teverse for Clone of the Attack Chopper,” and there are 40 different groups, that user has to search for the correct group to join. Nonetheless, our organisations have not been developed to their full extent and we will have to put this into consideration as we determine how we would like them to be shaped.

Thank you and I hope this provides some clarity, though … not enough to give you a straight “yes we’ll do this” or “no thanks” answer. :grimacing: But, do know that we will keep this in mind when we start working on this area of the community’s development and expansion.

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Yeah I can definitely see the problem with my idea. It will require further thinking. I’ll try to figure something out. Also, how long do you believe it will take until you and the rest of the dev team start working on the development of organisations? Just wondering.

While I am not part of the development, I am a part of the progression towards the public utility of the workshop and environment and overseeing our community’s engagement. I cannot estimate a timeline of where we would be starting organisation development as there are some key elements that need to come together before we can enrich the user experience on the website.

I wanted to clarify this to promote transparency.

Our current focus is on Sandbox and Workshop.

  • Sandbox is used to test features while allowing developers to interact with our API as early as possible. Feedback given from usage will help us model our API to cater to developers.

  • Workshop is the interface used to create & publish games. It comprises of the core components needed for game development. Much of its core components are still being tested and in development.

Website functionality beyond its most basic purpose is a lower priority as of yet. Testing via sandbox and providing feedback would help accelerate this process quite a bit.


Well what about kinda doing it like Discord where there’s like a 4 digit ID everyone can remember which doesn’t have to be unique and only the combination of name and id must be unique.
Also about the group recrution thing, this might be the same if for example there’s “My Group™” which has more Users than “My Group” and someone says “Join ‘My Group’ on Teverse”, most people would probably join the first one. So I’d really suggest the ID System like Discord does it so you could just say “Join ‘My Group#7535’”
Another Idea would be to make this similar to how the NPM Package Registry handles thinks like this. In the NPM Package Registry, if the package “package” already exists, you can create “username/package”. The first User would be able to easily create “My Group” and the second user get’s the option to either pick another name or use that name with some ID which then would maybe be in a smaller font or more gray than the group name.

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