GTA 5 On Teverse?

TevWorld Crime :oncoming_police_car:

Hello, there! I would want your guys opinion on a game similar to GTA 5 on Teverse and also should I change the name because I feel like I should.

How I’d Make It :hammer_and_wrench:

So far Teverse is pretty basic and would be hard to create such a complicated game, but I’m sure I could have a basic game example with a good-sized map and 1 Robbery and a default car. I would make it have a realistic map and likely use for realistic textures. I myself can probably script it and it’d have fairly simple UIs where you join, choose your team, then spawn in either at a Police Station or somewhere in the city depending on the path you choose.

Some Game Locations :iphone:

I’m thinking of what places I should build and have in the game so far this is what I have decided on:

  • Coffee Shop (Social Hangout)
  • Gas Station (Robbable)
  • Car Dealership (Spawn Cars)
  • Park (Social Hangout)
  • Random Non-Enterable Towers
  • Beach (Social Hangout)

I’d love to hear your opinions!
If I continue with this it’d be released around October 2020 to December 2020.



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Go for it. It’ll be hard though.


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