Embedable and Clickable Links on the Teverse Feed

As of right now, when you post a link in the Teverse feed, it isn’t clickable or embedded. My recommendation is to at least make it clickable. It would be nice if it was embedded too (like Discord or something.)

Here is what it looks like right now:


I believe that this is a safety feature, in that we do not want redirecting links or URL shorteners to redirect unsafely to places outside of Teverse. I do believe that moving forward, links should be detected and clickable, minus the link shorteners.

I would suggest all links which aren’t teverse.com or tever.se to link to some page with the actual URL in the query parameter (e.g. https://google.com would link to https://teverse.com/exit?page=https://google.com) and it would tell you that the site you’re about to visit is not an official Teverse Site or something like that.

We can also do an in-browser alert before redirection. Usually is easier to do than adding a page in between the endpoints. Modal pop-ups are good as well. We’ll for sure look into this in the future. Right now web development isn’t our focus, though we should be incrementally building out both the site and the platform together.