Dark Theme for the Website

Hey there!
I would like to suggest a dark theme for the website. And maybe even make it the default?
Nobody gets hurt from using a dark theme, however using a light theme during the night - especially when using a TV as your monitor, which is very bright - can definetly hurt your eyes a lot. When we’re already at it, what about a dark theme for the Forum as well?
I personally would prefer a dark theme with a very dark, almost black color palette (and not the Teverse Purple) but that’s entirely up to your choice of course.


If you head into your personal preferences you should be able to toggle to dark theme.

Personal Preferences?

Preferences and then interface.

Wait you got me confused right there. Is this supossed to already be existing? Because if yes, I can’t find it anywhere…

It’s on your picture on the top right, then you click your name, then you can see preferences.

Oh you’re talking about the Forum… :man_facepalming:

@Jay, I believe Crugg was speaking about https://teverse.com, not the forum. I am sure we can make a toggle in the future.