Client not registering mouse input

Version of Teverse: 0.20.10
Bug started to become noticeable: 09. May 2020

OS Name: Windows 10 Enterprise
Version: 1809 (OS-build 17763. 1158)

This is a bug stops the client from registering mouse inputs, which means I have to restart my client for it to begin registering them again. I tried clicking every button on the interface, but nothing seemed to work.

Reproduction: I’m not 100% sure what caused this bug, but it occured twice. The one thing I did similar on those two attempts was open up Jay’s script editor app, and go back to the main menu. And then right click the settings button a couple of times. Afterwards I browsed for a few minutes on chrome before returning to the application. When I returned, none of my inputs got registered.

Note: The “unhandled 22” and “unhandled 23” came from me right-clicking the settings button in the bottom left corner. The logs further up are from me testing the different apps.


Same bug for me, logged by Jay.

We’re looking to see if this is still occurring in 0.20.11 (unconfirmed fix)

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