April - What we've been up to

Hey Developers,

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been pushing a wide range of changes internally to our engine and workshop. We’ve made a continuous effort to be transparent with our users and to communicate in order to develop something you’ll come to enjoy. In the spirit of doing so, enjoy this post.

A few things we’ve been working on:

  • Removed legacy workshop (version 0.19.0’s workshop) & working on a new redesigned & reworked one
  • Rewrote majority of the Engine (dubbed TevX, cc: @Jay, refer to this post)
  • Working towards test flight & mobile support (refer to this post)
  • Redesigning the website (to fit the style of our other components)

More about what devices are likely to be slated for April Release can be found here.

While we continue to make needed changes, we’d love your input on what should be added to workshop (or our engine) and justification as to why it would be needed or beneficial to you and other developers on this platform.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what workshop is aiming to be:

I hope everyone is staying safe during the pandemic. Thanks for reading this post. I look forward for more to come.


Hey Sanjay,

This is some pretty cool stuff to see coming to us soon! I was wondering if some color contrast and selection highlighting will be coming soon as well? From the demo, it looks like the “tool tips” are the only identifiers (apart from the icon) that show what is about to be selected. Additionally, it looks like the cursor could easily get lost in the side bar, given the cursor has no edges in an alternate color. Might I suggest using drop shadow or some border around the cursor?

Thank you for the hard work put into rewriting the engine!

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Thanks too!
How can I get back involved into making the scripts work…
Will I be able to get the new version with external editing?
Also, really good job on the new UI!

I’ve been quietly working on this. I can confirm that this will be a thing.

I’ve been thinking about replacing the default cursor with the default operating system cursor. The way it’s handled now is that the default operating system cursor is overridden by the cursor that Teverse uses. Personally, I like the default operating system cursor more.

Awesome - I remember we were in talks about this. I think the default OS cursor is more appropriate and allows for flexibility.

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Hey Sasial,

This is actually an internal method that’s called when scripts are toggled (open, clicked, etc).

This is still in early development as I have to port over stuff (components, etc) from the legacy workshop to fit the format of the new one (the one displayed in this thread). The new workshop is based on components and code-reuse meaning that duplicate code and files will not be as rampant as it was before. Our goal in this design was to encourage and allow extensibility for every developer’s needs. I hope this answers your question.

If you can, please DM me more info on that.
As I’ll restart work on the VSC side of things.

Can’t wait to make games on Teverse!