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Due to the recent anti-trust issues, the recent trend has been mainly for FOSS to become less reliant on huge corporation’s software like Google (read more here) and move to smaller yet trust worthier FOSS alternatives. I am here to propose many alternatives for different Google’s development and analytical software from the FOSS community.

Teverse uses reCAPTCHA and Analytics according to the privacy policy. Teverse also uses Cloudflare for Ajax which should be reconsidered since Cloudflare is one of the world’s biggest centralized networks. [Source]

Why degoogle?
This can have many benefits in the long run. By degoogeling we are becoming less reliant on one corporation’s software. Website users are more pleased to have less potential tracking by corporations. Teverse has more control over what it uses, fewer headaches etc.

Is google trustworthy?
Google has shown countless times that it uses our data with advertisements and shares data with governments. Remember PRISM?

Google reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA is a privacy nightmare. I can’t tolerate having to choose which grids are cross walks over an over again because I use a hardened browser with VPN or TOR. It’s also broken and inefficient.
I propose two different alternatives to reCAPTCHA:

There are plenty more out there, these are some few.

Google Analytics

Again, there are many privacy issues with Google Analytics. Open source software shouldn’t be run by corporations designing proprietary software.
Here are 3 alternatives to Google Analytics which are self-hostable. Many are GDPR and CCPA compliant and provide similar features to Google Analytics.

These are some alternatives and there are a lot more here. Maybe consider a different git provider? Plenty of (Trello) kanban board alternatives.
I’m not part of any organization but I do believe this requires attention. Teverse can use different providers other than the most popular ones. This is a huge problem in today’s internet age and it’s becoming worse every day.

Hen, you shared:

In your article here, you don’t exactly outline the “problem” or what the negatives are in association with Google or other “Big Name” corporations (i.e. Cloudflare).

While this may be true, if you are following the law and doing things you should be doing, you should not be afraid of a company using such practices. This sounds like a complete attack on Google rather than an endorsement of FOSS for what FOSS offers.

You mention that website users are more pleased to have less tracking - is there any academic or scholarly source that has provided studies of this being true?

TL;DR: I see many claims have been made here without the evidence to back them up. You keep proliferating the issues with Google as a corporation but you don’t specify those issues concretely besides “tracking.” I would love to see what research you have found to support your claims.


Thanks for the response.

The centralization of internet in general. If almost everyone was using federated services or decentralized servers, I wouldn’t argue with you. If there was an organized attack on a huge company or service, let’s say Google for instance, you would first see downtime for crucial services like analytics or reCAPTCHA (used for logging in) and data leaks which would be a problem for Teverse because of secrecy. Recently Gmail experienced an outage which if you wanted to send a crucial e-mail at the exact time, you would be out of luck and probably would’ve cost you something.

Being a FOSS product (or somewhat of a FOSS product) should also use FOSS products. I’m not saying every tech company that has proprietary software is a violent and privacy-evasive company, they do some amazing and critical work for the betterment of society.
I’m trying to bring a perspective of what a privacy conscious person wants or someone who is a free and open internet activist here. It doesn’t matter if I follow the law or not, I still don’t want someone to be looking at my secrets, wouldn’t you want that also? Angela Merkel was mad after she found out. And you could argue this is for national security which it may be after all, yet a government or corporations should support its people and respect them as well.

Yes, while it may not be the best article, it shows that when people are given the option to opt-out of tracking or show its potential problems, people tend to opt out.
There’s also a survey done about the trust in these tech corporations, and shows that people generally don’t trust in these big corporations. This might be why using an alternative service is better for people to feel more safe using Teverse. Of course, I don’t know the demographic using Teverse and its users.
There’s also a survey done in 2013 after the NSA PRISM scandal, showing 65% people not feeling safe about the government spying on them. They also reported that many people feel more threatened (to their online privacy) by the government and private companies than hackers. 90% of survey takers feeling more outraged about companies selling their data.
My apologies for not citing an academic or scholarly source. I’ve read countless people’s experiences and their perspective of what online privacy should be. People’s privacy can’t change unless the company’s themselves take action and change their ethics. I can’t fully use Teverse since I’m blocking traffic needed for Teverse to run. This is a player base Teverse could lose out on in the future.
If you can find an academic study regarding this topic, please prove me wrong.

I appreciate the quick reply.

Generalized problems cannot be solved unless concretely specified. From what I gather from your response, you attempted to concretely say that we should conduct business with smaller or less well-known businesses to avoid the fallout of potential attacks against those service providers. Correct?

If this is your reasoning for using non-corporate products, I’m intrigued by your logic here. It seems that your argument is a bit tangled. I’ll provide an outline of your logic/reasoning below at the end of this message.

A nice attempt to appeal to emotions here. I think you’re exacerbating a less harmful issue than what it is in reality. I get where you come from, but based on your messages, you seem to want to leave zero traces of who you are anywhere. Outsiders can see this as someone who is less-than-innocent and wants to keep something very private. Tracking my location and providing me locally-based ads isn’t a huge deal to me. Sure it isn’t great but it’s not too intrusive, unlike this clip.

You proposed it, you support it. “The burden of proof is always on the person making an assertion or proposition” (Pecorino, 2001).

Hen’s Logical Arguments:
Posit: Google is bad
Reasoning 1: Privacy (Though seems to be a personal issue)
Reasoning 2: FOSS must use FOSS
Reasoning 3: People don’t want to be tracked (no academic evidence)

I can see your side of this but I feel like this is more about your preferences about how you use the internet and want us to adapt to serve you more effectively.

Pecorino, P. (2001). Burden of Proof. Retrieved from

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