Ability to package games into an executable

Hello! Having a feature to export a Teverse game into an executable would be great! It could allow developers to make high quality games without learning complex game engines e.g Unity or Unreal. The feature would work by somehow packaging a stripped down version of the Teverse client (just the engine) and making it pre-load in the game upon execution. This also gives developers more control over the whole game.

Thanks for reading! If you need me to elaborate more don’t hesitate to ask! :wave:

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I don’t think if that would work that great the exact way you suggested.
I’d suggest that the executeable would check if Teverse is installed, if no, it would install a very leightweight version without the UI Parts and the Workshop and then the executeable would directly launch the game. If you then open the Teverse Client for the first time, it downloads the missing parts.

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of Teverse?

Like, the point of Teverse is the build games and then others can play them.

I essentially intended for it to be a Teverse client with out the workshop & other ui. The client could also be customised e.g changing the exe icon, publisher info etc. Then, the whole control of the client is given to the developer. This means they can implement their own menu ui, settings etc.

Your still technically building games and others being able to play them. However, you have more control over the game as your not restricted to things the regular Teverse client may impose. It also would enable people to distribute games to whoever they want, or make the game open source perhaps. It would be a cool feature to have and would be quite useful. :slight_smile:

This is definitely something we will need to investigate further in the future.

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For the sake of transparency, we’ve been thinking about this. I’ll try to explain in detail to prevent the wrong point(s) from coming across and to hopefully hint at what to expect in the near future.

We’ve recently (~couple weeks ago) looked into creating a VSC plugin to work with Teverse in a streamlined way. Streamline as in fluid, easy-to-use where the developer can get the most out of the engine without being overwhelmed.

The VSC plugin would “compile” your workspace (local machine file structure) and output a place file that can be ran using Teverse’s engine. However, this was meant to act as a test suite or toolchain addition if you will rather than a core component of how the player plays games.

To see this as an entirely isolated environment, seems rather powerful in my view. Thus, allowing games to be able to be published with platforms like Steam in an Indie capacity.

As @Jay stated, this is definitely something we’ll keep ahold of. No promises but, we’ll make the effort to consider this in a level-head capacity weighing out the odds, possible impacts and possible freedom this may or may not give developers.

Thank you for taking the time to post this feature request and I hope that others on this platform continue to do the same. Teverse is all about freedom to developers and one of the few ways we’re able to ensure, is to hear from our community.

Transparency is a powerful thing.

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If the teverse launcher opens a game using tev://12345 or something of the sort, you can create a basic desktop icon with the games icon and when you open it, it opens teverse using the teverse protocol.


this is a good shout!