0.20 Beta Testing

0.20 is a major developer-centric rewrite of our engine. We’ve re-done almost everything in our engine to ensure we’ve got the perfect platform for developers. All the interfaces we show to users are now open sourced and we welcome contributions.

Teverse Clients 0.19 and earlier have been disabled. You will get fatal errors when logging in. You must uninstall all versions of Teverse before installing 0.20!

We will initially begin testing on the following platforms:

  • Windows - 8th May
  • Linux - 10th May*
  • iOS/iPadOS - 9th May
  • MacOS - 10th May

*Linux Installer will be open sourced and tested on Debian. Anyone can contribute to add support for more distros

0.20 does not contain a lot of the features we have up our sleeves. To ensure we test the right things at the right time, we’re shipping this release as “2D only”. This means we’re able to vigorously test our improved GUI api before branching off into 3D territory.

0.20 introduces the “app” concept. Apps are cross-platform local scripts that users can distribute on our client. They could be single-player offline games or fully blown apps based off our GUI apis. Currently, apps must be approved by our team before others can load them on their client, however this process will be automated in the future. Bonus - App developers on Teverse get rewarded with Tevs based on how many downloads you get in a month!

App Example - Learn Code

Let us know: What apps will you create?


Looking good :heart_eyes: as for what I am going to make, I am unsure… but I do know it will be pretty good :slight_smile:


Wow this is looking good, I cant wait until we can test it!


Looks good. :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :wink:

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This looks pretty epic!

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Looks very sexy :smirk:
Never thought about making an app before. So this has to be 2D right? Hmm, what about snake ? :grin:

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Very nice looks very clean :slight_smile:

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Apps to make apps! :grin: