0.20.10 Windows Release


We hope that this message finds you well.

As you’re well aware, we’ve been quite busy chipping away at our engine and rewriting a chunk of it. You can find a portion of what we’ve added here: 0.20 Beta Testing, April - What we've been up to, TevX Update Progress

As of today, an experimental version of Teverse is available for public download from our site.

Note: Windows only

This is a barebones client application built for developers. We’ve open-sourced the entire user interface and all default “apps” including workshop and tevEd.

0.21-0.22 is our next exciting release that will introduce great 3D APIs followed by the reintroduction of Workshop which brings functionality to build exciting 3D scenes.

If you encounter a bug, want to post a suggestion or a complaint, please post it on this forum in the correct category.

Note: We’ll update this post soon with a link on how to set up a local tevgit repository

Can’t wait to see what you choose to create.


I’m on 0.20.09; will it auto update for me?

Yes, it will auto-update for you.